Prof. Pavel Zgaga

The main area of his research is studies of higher education, particularly studies of higher education policies and reforms at the national, European and global level. In this field, he has published numerous chapters in monographs and articles in scientific journals. In addition, he is the author of several background reports aimed at policy-making at national and / or European level. In this case, the most important of these reports focused on the “external dimension of the Bologna Process” (2006; commissioned by the BFUG – Bologna Follow-up Group; this was a background paper for preparing the Bologna “External Dimension” Strategy adopted by European ministers in 2007). In addition to the academic and research experience he also possesses policymaking experience: he was Secretary of State for Higher Education (1992-1999) and Minister of Education (1999-2000) in the Republic of Slovenia; he was also engaged in the Bologna Process (BFUG; 2001-2005).

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